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Jane & Ron ReedIn 2002, Jane knew we were going to be early retirees. The question was, "what do we do next?".  She knew she wanted to live in the country on several acres, but didn't know what to put on that acreage. That summer while spending a few weeks at Grand Lake, CO., Jane witnessed a parade with lovely little llamas and alpacas. As soon as she returned home, Jane started researching what it would take to raise her own alpacas.   Then, at the 2003 International Alpaca Odyssey in San Diego, we bought our very first lovely lady. A beautiful white suri by the name of White Fire. A Torbio granddaughter with a gentle loving personality that she passes on to her crias. Now, thirteen years later, after additional purchases and sales, we find ourselves with a small herd of twenty suris.  Each and every one a treasure.

So by the end of 2003 we were on our way to Lincoln, Nebraska (close to several of Jane's siblings) and began to build the Suri Haven Ranch.  A year later the Ranch was in full swing.  The past ten years has shown us that exceptional genetics, precise breeding standards and loving healthy care can produce award winning lustrous Suri Alpaca Champions.  The Lincoln, Nebraska ranch was wonderful... but frigid cold during the winter months.  So in 2012 we moved the herd to a small ranch we built in the mountains south of Prescott, Arizona.  The new Ranch is home to  champion herdsires Alexzander, Robinson Crusoe, Boomer-Tay, Orian, Dark Knight and a number of other award wining Suri Alpacas.   Give us a call and visit with some of the most affordable, award wining suri alpacas you may have the pleasure of meeting..... and possibly calling your own!  In addition to award winning Suri Alpacas, we are happy to offer very favorable financing, multiple alpaca discounts, and great support.

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Suri Haven Alpaca Ranch
7940 W Barrington Rd
Kirkland, Arizona  86332
(402) 314-1323


Ranch Visits

Ranch hours to meet our Champion Alpacas

Monday - Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Please call Jane for an appointment, she would love to see you at the Ranch!